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by CoVaBizMag

Businesses With Fun And Fulfilling Company Cultures

By Barrett Baker, Angela Blue, Grace Silipigni and Ryan Miller

Let’s face it. We spend a lot of time at work. We’re surrounded by our office walls more than our homes, and we see more of our coworkers’ faces each day than our own families. Therefore, it’s important to not only enjoy what you do but where you do it—and to also thrive on the company of those fellow coworkers contributing to the overall mission of getting things done.

This is why we highlight local businesses that “get it” in our annual Best Places to Work feature. The 20 companies featured below were nominated by employees and selected by our editorial staff for the quality of their work environments, general company culture, training and development opportunities, tangible and intangible benefits and employee satisfaction.

Congratulations to these companies for creating, advocating and implementing exciting, fulfilling and balanced atmospheres that strive to make work fun.


Best businesses Hampton Roads

1st Advantage Federal Credit Union

1st Advantage has a diverse workforce that promotes growth and development and assesses its employee engagement through surveys every 18 months. In addition to taking care of its employees, the company also takes care of the community through volunteer efforts with nonprofit organizations.


Abbitt Realty

Since 1946 Abbitt Realty has helped families find their homes in Coastal Virginia. Abbitt conducts its business with the values of intergrity, honesty and knowledge, with a work culture that often involves company outings.


Array Digital, Best Places to Work, Chesapeake

Array Digital

Array Digital values having a fun and collaborative work environment and communication between its employees on the company's biggest decisions. Instead of standard employee reviews, the company's "kudos system" is a chance for employees to thank colleagues with "kudos" points that they can redeem for a cash bonus.


Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Virginia Beach

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Consistently ranked and awarded as a top mortgage company in America, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group nurtures an open-door policy, emphasizes a work-life balance and has a fun work environment. There are ample opportunities for career advancement as well as plenty of work perks.


Buzz Franchise Brands, Virginia Beach, Best Places to Work

Buzz Franchise Brands

Buzz Franchise Brands could describe its own company culture as fun, inclusive, performance-based and putting the employee first. Employee involvement and engagement are priorities for the business, which hosts activities and outings every month.


Chesbay Distributing, Chesapeake, Best Places to Work

Chesbay Distributing

Having an open door policy, inward engagement with its employees, outward engagement with the community and positive leadership are all part of the work environment at Chesbay Distributing. While it's a fast-paced environment, the work proves to be rewarding for its employees.


Entercom Communications

Even with a large reach with its radio stations, Entercom makes the atmosphere personal at work, where good ideas are encouraged, utilized and rewarded. And there are plenty of opportunities for employees to come together for events that further ensure that work is both fun and fulfilling.



GEICO's Virginia Beach office is equipped with social spaces, fitness centers and wellbeing programs that establish an interactive community at work while also boosting employee morale. The company places an emphasis on gratitude, outreach and keeping a healthy work-life balance.


Best Places to Work, INIT ChesapeakePhoto by Yuzhu Zheng

INIT Innovations In Transportation, INC.

With one of the most technologically advanced office spaces in the area with stand-up desks, interactive conference spaces and private work-capsules, INIT prides itself on the work environment it creates for its employees. Further, there is a paid continuing education program and there are professional development opportunities for career advancement.


Kaufman and Canoles, Norfolk

Kaufman & Canoles, P.C.

A long-standing member of the communities the law firm serves, Kaufman & Canoles believes in creating a richer life for everyone, including its own employees. The law firm is dynamic as it provides excellent services for its clients, maintains involvement with the community through nonprofit volunteering and regularly conducts surveys for employee satisfaction.


Lions Bridge Financial Advisors

While the work is fast-paced and constantly changing, employees at Lions Bridge are able to adapt and thrive as a result of its positive atmosphere. Listening to ideas and openly complimenting the success of colleagues helps steer the financial advisory company's success.


Office Furniture Outlet

A focus on family has played a large role at Office Furniture Outlet, where each employee feels valued as an individual and their opinion counts. There are frequent celebrations, constant recognition for achievements and even designated days for employees to bring their pet in to work.


Old Point National Bank, Hampton

Old Point National Bank

Old Point provides its employees with quarterly rewards, tuition assistance, annual bonuses, incentive programs, open communication and more. It's about people first at Old Point, which has been a part of the Coastal Virginia community since 1923.


Classic Air's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

There are plenty of refreshing aspects about working at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, including an all-expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic as a thank you for hard work. Beyond this, management keeps a pulse on the company culture through one-on-one meetings.


Pembroke Commercial Realty

Years of dedicated service from its employees serves as proof for Pembroke Commercial Realty's excellent atmosphere. Every month there are meetings for engagement and regularly there are outings that help promote a strong and healthy culture.


RynohLive Virginia Beach


RynohLive has an inviting and casual work environment and sets itself apart with its open door policy and communication that isn't based on a hierarchy of commands based on titles. With a diverse workforce, maintaining morale means having a fun workplace and realizing each individual has a voice.


Taylor Made Diagnostics, Chesapeake

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Inc.

Innovation, responsiveness and commitment to customer service excellence are the core values for Taylor Made Diagnostics. Employees bond through celebrating and supporting one another, as well as participating in a number of activities outside of the workplace.



USAA's appreciation luncheons, volunteer events and celebration of the diversity of its employees all contribute to its positive culture and innovations as a company. As a result, the work environment becomes a motivator for its employees to give clients exceptional service.


Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C.

A work-life balance, mentoring program and activities for engagement at the workplace and during outings all boost the morale and make for great incentives for employees building their careers at Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer. The public accounting firm features an open floor plan for unity, while promoting equality among team members.


Wilson Law, PLC

Covering a number of practice areas, Wilson Law rewards its employees with bonuses, paid days off during birthdays and quarterly team building exercises. Leaders act as mentors, though everyone is treated equally and works together towards a common goal.

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