Best Places to Work: Lions Bridge Financial Advisors

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By Angela Blue

2110 William Styron Square S., Newport News | 757-599-9220 |
Founded: 2009

You might expect the atmosphere at a financial advisory company to be fast-paced. As a leading provider of investments and comprehensive financial services for families, businesses and their owners, Lions Bridge Financial Advisors works quickly and efficiently to adapt to constant change and meet the needs of their clients. But for this company, the key to pleasing clients and maintaining a positive atmosphere for employees is balance.

“The culture is fast-paced and client-driven, but it’s very collegial and cordial,” shares Lions Bridge President Jayne Di Vincenzo. “We laugh at ourselves a lot.”

Lions Bridge tackles the same tasks as large financial planning corporations, but what sets them apart is how they view their employees. “We take time to recognize people as individuals versus a number,” Di Vincenzo says. “We really encourage personal success and accomplishment—getting in shape or eating healthier, promoting that they all continue their education.” Di Vincenzo takes time to ask her employees individually what designation or license they plan to get in the year ahead, and then the company pays 100 percent of employees’ certifications and licenses. “We really vest a lot in their growth and development.”

Another aspect that sets Lions Bridge apart is Di Vincenzo’s careful and thoughtful management style. “One of the things I have learned is it doesn’t pay to get angry at an employee or embarrass them in front of other people,” she says. When Di Vincenzo realizes that someone on her team has made a mistake, she waits at least 24 hours before addressing it. “I want to be very careful with what I say,” she says. “I’ll let them know that it’s really important and serious and this shouldn’t happen, but I try to use humor to address issues. I think that goes a long way to building loyalty and comfort, making mistakes.” Di Vincenzo also shares that she’ll easily take the blame when she’s made a mistake and wants her team to be comfortable owning their mistakes.

For managers looking to boost employee morale in their own companies, Di Vincenzo suggests listening to employees’ ideas and validating them in front of other people. “Give people the praise and credit they’re due, and if they even have the seed of a good idea, compliment them on that in front of other people and pump them up to other people,” she says. “Those are easy things to do, and they don’t cost anything.”

Lions Bridge Financial Advisors, Newport News, Best Places to Work

Lions Bridge, Newport News, Best Places to Work

Lions Bridge FInancial Advisors, Newport News

Work Perks

  • Paid travel to national conferences
  • Education courses to advance careers
  • Lunch provided to staff at least once per week
  • College savings plan benefit
  • Free financial planning and coaching
  • Discount on investment services
  • Company has paid for personal trainers for staff

Why I Love My Job

“Employees are all treated as partners, their ideas are encouraged and respected, and no matter how silly the question, Jayne answers it without making you feel inferior for not knowing something. We are given freedom to do our jobs, the respect of sharing our opinions and for growing in new directions. We never have time to get bored with our work—the clients, the industry, the business is always moving, changing and growing with us.”
—Lauren Mundy, Vice President, Associate Wealth Advisor, six-and-a-half years with Lions Bride Financial Advisors

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