Protecting Patient Data

by CoVaBizMag

Zekteck’s HIPAA compliance and data security solutions aimed at helping healthcare practices and small businesses manage risk in an increasingly risky world

By Beth Hester

Large companies with deep pockets spend millions of dollars every year on cybersecurity and data protection. But what about private practice physicians, dentists, orthodontists, ophthalmologists and other healthcare professionals? Prioritizing patient care and busy with the responsibilities that owning and running their own businesses entail—how do they monitor their adherence to HIPAA compliance requirements and manage data security risk in a cost-effective and efficient way?

Lewis Mandichak, and Kris Osterhout, co-founders of Zekteck, asked themselves the same question and set out to create a solution. They’re experienced cybersecurity professionals who met while studying information systems at the University of Nevada, Reno. Mandichak is the company’s CEO. He and his family have made Olde Towne Portsmouth their home while his wife is stationed at Navy Medical Center Portsmouth. He manages the company’s financials, strategy and partnership development from his office at Bloom Coworking in Portsmouth. Osterhout is the company’s primary product developer and Zekteck’s CTO/COO. He works from the Reno, Nevada location.

Their research revealed that no affordable solution existed in the marketplace flexible enough to serve both the compliance and data security needs of private practice healthcare professionals, and other small businesses like tax preparation, insurance and accounting concerns. They too handle sensitive client information, but rarely have the time or resources to adequately assess and address vulnerabilities.

“The traditional compliance and data security model for companies is cumbersome and expensive,” Mandichak explains. “There can be one vendor for compliance training, another outside vendor to handle IT, and perhaps yet another vendor to handle incident response should a data breech occur.” “Compliance monitoring and data security management are ongoing efforts,” he continues. “Medical practices must be audit-ready at all times and violations can be costly. Simply managing the administrative side of compliance and risk assessment can be overwhelming. As consumers of healthcare services ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way. That’s when we started Zekteck. Our mission is to create a user-friendly, centralized security and HIPAA compliance toolset designed specifically for these underserved markets. ”

These tools consist of Zekteck’s proprietary Secure Client Portal, and a portfolio of integrated solutions that identify areas of risk and help covered entities develop targeted mitigation strategies. Through the Portal, businesses can access and manage all of their organization’s most important compliance-related assets. Authorized users can:

  • Oversee employee access through role-based access control
  • Manage vendors and suppliers
  • Track employee progress through HIPAA’s mandated annual compliance training, and streamline that training via automatically updated, on-demand modules
  • Track and view Business Associate Agreements (BAA’s)
  • Safely store compliance and security-related policies, procedures, and business continuity plans

In addition to the Secure Client Portal, Zekteck’s model is a gateway to some of the industry’s leading security technologies for end-to-end email encryption, endpoint detection and network device protection. Zekteck will also manage all network and software security, including patches and updates. They’re one of the few compliance solutions providers positioned to offer IT services and digital forensics support. Should the worst happen, Zekteck’s clients have access to their incident response service which is included in all of the service packages at no extra cost.

Clients can select from three packages: Basic, Advanced and Premium. The Secure Client Portal is included in each. Clients can pay a discounted annual subscription fee, or choose to be billed monthly.

One Virginia Beach ophthalmologist said of Zekteck: “When I moved to my new office, Zekteck helped me build my technology infrastructure from the ground up. Security and HIPAA compliance were at the forefront of everything they helped us accomplish.” A tax preparer in Reno, NV shared: “My firm has been utilizing Zekteck’s services and our office’s online and physical security has greatly improved. We have complete confidence in their ability to provide up-to-date protection for our growing business.”

Mandichak remarks. “We’re passionate about helping organizations create a security-focused culture because compliance monitoring and data security management doesn’t have to be that complicated. We aim to give our clients an exceptional, one-stop security experience.”


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