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By Grace Silipigni

1345 Perimeter Pkwy., Virginia Beach | 757-222-3400 |
Founded: 1936
Employees: 2,924. Includes employees who report to the Virginia Beach Regional Office and those who work remotely

As one of the largest employers in Coastal Virginia, the prominent insurance sales company provides exceptional customer service in sales, services and claims to GEICO customers throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

GEICO’s Virginia Beach Regional Office has been recognized with a slew of awards including the Hampton Roads Volunteer Achievement Award and the Hampton Roads Employer Inclusion and Diversity Initiative Award. More than one-third of GEICO employees partake in the company’s Corporate Community Citizens program, which invites associates to participate in walks, fundraisers and other community service events. In 2017, over half the employee population contributed to the $1 million raised for GEICO’s annual United Way Campaign. In addition, 55 percent of the associates in GEICO’s Military Center, housed in the Virginia Beach Regional Office, are affiliated with the military and are trained to understand the special needs of the military.

Human Resources Director Beth Roberts says that GEICO’s award-winning culture is a direct reflection of the dynamic of the person they hire. “We honestly believe that our leaders, supervisors and managers are the critical backbone in making us successful when it comes to retaining employees and helping them promote to other opportunities,” she says.

Internal professional growth is common within GEICO. Employees are often presented with opportunities to work temporarily in different offices across the country, where they are challenged with taking on new responsibilities or helping run a new office. Roberts says that GEICO’s exceptional culture is company-wide constant. “We follow seven operating principles as a company, so that really helps keep the culture consistent when [employees] go to other offices,” she explains. “Our first operating principle is to respect, support and provide opportunity to all employees. If we keep that in focus when making decisions as an organization, it really helps us thrive and be successful.”

The Virginia Beach office is also equipped with social spaces, fitness and wellbeing programs and division-wide contests, such as the elite Chairman’s Club, that help establish an interactive community as well as boost company morale. The company recently implemented a wellbeing program that teaches employees the importance of practicing gratitude, outreach and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“The biggest piece is treating every employee like they’re a person and valuing what they bring to the table,” Roberts says of the daily maintenance of the company’s culture. “We really try to focus on those who come to work every day, foster a positive work environment and give more than 100 percent, which is the majority of our staff.”

Geico, Virginia Beach, Best Places to Work

GEICO, Virginia Beach Best Places to Work

Geico, Virginia Beach

Geico, Virginia Beach

Work Perks

  • Company-sponsored athletics like soccer, basketball and softball
  • Annual golf tournaments
  • Opportunities to assist at marketing events and participate in community service projects
  • Diversity committee that organizes special programs to celebrate a variety of cultures and backgrounds
  • Events including GEICO Pride Day, Founder’s Day, veterans’ appreciation programs, high school career days, talent shows, family days, picnics and barbecues, book fairs and holiday parties
  • Health and wellness fairs, Weight Watchers and Zumba classes
  • Occasions to dress as Gecko®
  • Annual Service Awards to recognize employee milestones

Why I Love My Job

“GEICO is all about people, from our employees to the customers we serve. GEICO celebrates a wide range of cultural experiences that our associates bring to the company. Throughout the year, the company hosts events to promote the diverse backgrounds and heritage of our associates.”
—Toiya Sosa, Regional Public Affairs/Community Relations, 19 years with GEICO

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