Best Places to Work: INIT Innovations In Transportation, Inc.

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By Grace Silipigni

424 Network Station, Chesapeake | 757-413-9100 |
Other locations are worldwide.
Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 90 in-office and at-home personnel, including 20 manufacturing employees

INIT is one of the global leaders for integrating innovative and sustainable IT solutions and fare collection services in public transportation worldwide. INIT’s North American market is headquartered in Chesapeake, where the corporate office endured a $12.5 million renovation in May 2016.

The company opened its door in June 2017 to one of the most technologically advanced office spaces in the area. Employees are provided with an optimum work environment, which includes stand up desks, interactive conference spaces, private work capsules and the Hub, INIT’s social center equipped with a complimentary coffee and espresso bar.

“Everybody interacts in the Hub,” explains Director of Marketing and Events Ann Derby. “We can have lunches together, and now and as a result, see a lot more intermingling between departments. That’s something we didn’t see before. There’s now a sense of comradery and connectedness that we were really striving to facilitate with this new building.”

INIT employees celebrated the grand opening of the new Chesapeake office with a family cookout, corn hole and karaoke. The celebrations continued all year long with an office scavenger hunt, chili cook-off, a casino-style Christmas party as well as several community service events that enabled employees to express and achieve their social goals. Last year, INIT employees took it upon themselves to raise money for transit personnel who were at the forefront and personally affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Maintaining a supportive and cohesive work environment is at the core of INIT’s philosophy. Whether through the company’s paid continuing education program, community outreach or professional training opportunities, INIT ensures that its employees feel valued on both a professional and personal level. “We don’t just encourage people to increase their skills and their professional development, but we pay for them to do it,” says Derby. She further explained that in 2016, all project managers earned PMPs and that Derby herself has earned professional certifications through support of the company.

“Our focus is on innovation,” says Marketing Assistant Paulina Parker. “It’s a part of our name and a big part of the technology we develop, but also internally we help employees grow and to become more innovative, more creative and to hone their professional skills.

Best Places to Work, INIT Chesapeake

INIT Chesapeake, Best Places to Work

INIT Best Places to WorkPhotos by Yuzhu Zheng

Work Perks

  • Book Clubs
  • Studies on teambuilding and leadership
  • Paid continuing education
  • Career training and certifications
  • Monetary awards for longevity
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Atmosphere for respect and encouragement
  • Internal and teambuilding events
  • Community service opportunities
  • Complimentary coffee and espresso bar
  • Two-day company retreat
  • Close-knit environment

Why I Love My Job

“I personally appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and opportunities for growth. As an hourly employee, I work directly with my supervisor on planning my work schedule and vacation time and was offered the opportunity to take a Photoshop course and invest in my graphic design skills while at work. The company truly wants to see its employees thrive both professionally and personally.”
—Paulina Parker, Marketing Assistant, two-and-a-half years with INIT

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