Best Places to Work: Taylor Made Diagnostics, Inc.

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By Grace Silipigni

801 Poindexter St, Chesapeake | 757-494-1688 |
Founded: 1995
Employees: 24

President of Taylor Made Diagnostics, Inc., Caroline Taylor, affectionately refers to her team of 24 employees as “Team Awesome.” Team Awesome is dedicated to providing quality occupational health services to businesses throughout Coastal Virginia from workers’ compensation and wellness programs to physical exams and drug/alcohol testing. Taylor Made Diagnostics even offers a Mobile Service that brings their exceptional occupational health skills directly to their customers.

Taylor explains that customer service is not simply a department but rather an attitude that she and Team Awesome have worked hard to establish. “Clarifying core values has been essential,” states Taylor. “Our core values are innovation, responsiveness and commitment to customer service excellence. Our core values are used to guide every aspect of our organization, from hiring to firing [and] strategy and performance management.”

At Taylor Made Diagnostics, all employees not only strive to do the very best for their customers but for one another as well. The company’s family environment fosters a positive work atmosphere that ensures each employee feels valued and cared for. “I have always said family first, so when there is an issue requiring one of our team [members] to be away for a hardship or just a sick child at home, I always say, ‘We’ve got your back,’” explains Taylor. “All in all, we celebrate the joys, support the losses and comfort one another through tough times. That’s what makes us family.”

Team Awesome also bonds over a variety of fun workplace activities. They have spent days away from the office zip lining, navigating escape rooms and competing in obstacle courses for skills training. They also host a slew of office holiday parties, to which Taylor always adds a bit of extra cheer. “[This year] I made 24 holiday jokes and cartoons which were hidden throughout the office. When found, each person was required to shout “Merry Christmas” really loud and then tell the joke over the intercom,” says Taylor.

As a word of advice for companies wishing to boost employee morale, Taylor provides this insight: “Get to know your employees personally, learn their strengths, know them as people, and don’t expect them to do something that you wouldn’t do. We all have to accomplish one thing, and that is taking care of business. When we support each other, it makes our job easier and enjoyable.”

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Chesapeake

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Best Places to Work

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Chesapeake

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Chesapeake, Best Places to Work

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Chesapeake, Best Places to Work

Taylor Made Diagnostics, Chesapeake

Work Perks

  • Opportunity for paid education
  • Staff appreciation events like parties, escape room adventures and zip lining
  • Staff lunches
  • Encouraging and kind work environment
  • Enjoyment of fellow employees

Why I Love My Job

“Taylor Made Diagnostics, Inc. is a friendly and cheerful workplace where we are encouraged to provide input regarding day-to-day operations. When you actively appreciate and take interest in the qualities, characteristics and work of the people around you, you develop a culture where people love to work and are fully engaged. We are a team, a family.”
—Stella McClain, Operations Director, 19 years with Taylor Made Diagnostics, Inc.

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