Best Places to Work: RynohLive

by CoVaBizMag

By Ryan Miller

397 Little Neck Rd., #306, Virginia Beach | 877-467-9664 |
Founded: 2007
Employees: Approximately 25

RynohLive is a financial management and fraud prevention web-based application designed for title agents, helping to prevent escrow theft, fraud, embezzlement and disbursing errors for its clients. Through its automated account management software resources, RynohLive has been a formidable force in fraud detection and financial stewardship, as they’ve saved companies in the title industry millions of dollars while providing a more simplified and accessible process for users. Though the Virginia Beach-based business is small in size, its success has been tremendous since its establishment in 2007 by its innovating Founder Richard Reass. Their achievements, which have been a motivator for its employees, resound from the company’s quality work culture, where leaders eagerly express their gratitude for each individual’s contributions. RynohLive has an inviting and casual work environment, where trust and respect are values and conversation is open and productive.

The company differentiates from a structure with a hierarchy of commands based on titles to what President and COO Mary Gomez refers to as a flat organization. “We have the proverbial open door policy, and it’s not a top-down organization,” asserts Gomez. “It’s a smaller company, so I can engage with everyone and know what’s important to them.” What’s significant for some may be different for others, and whether it’s time or money, Gomez listens to employees, keeps open communication and even shares the financials of where the company is as an organization so that employees are aware that they’re a part of the strategic future. “I provide transparency. It’s not just the person in the corner office, if you will. I really do take the time to explain to them and make them engaged on how to run a company. That’s kind of been my philosophy all along.”

With a diverse workforce consisting of seasoned senior level developers as well as ambitious millennials, maintaining a strong morale with the staff means having both a fun workplace and a voice. “They want to know that you really do care about them, and they’ll work hard, and they’ll be engaged, but truly you have to listen,” says Gomez, who worked for General Electric for 14 years before arriving at RynohLive wanting to create a place where people want to come to work and not leave. And aside from a pragmatic perspective that turnover costs time and money, the more satisfied your employees are, the better the experience and results are with your clients. “Keeping people happy and keeping people engaged are very important,” Gomez tells, “because really at the end of the day, all that you have are people that make you different than the next company.”

RynohLive Virginia Beach

RynohLive, Best Places to Work, Virginia Beach

RynohLive, Best Places to Work, Virginia Beach

RynohLive, Virginia Beach

Best Places to Work, RynohLive, Virginia Beach

RynohLive, Best Places to Work, Virginia Beach

Work Perks

  • Team outings and parties
  • Gift card bonuses
  • Random gifts—just-because—including rhino cufflinks
  • Surprise breakroom wholesale snacks
  • Bring your dog to work days

Why I Love My Job

“RynohLive is a small, locally-based business with national reach that began when our founder, a visionary, discovered a personal business need and was determined to develop a solution. When he found that solution, he wanted it available for everyone like him. That vision, passion, determination and desire to provide a valuable solution emanates and is present in everything we do.”
—Kristen Littlewood, Vice President of Marketing, six months at RynohLive 

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