How Technology Has Caused a Shift in Marketing Efforts

by CoVaBizMag

Before the advancement of technology, marketing relied on understanding psychology and creativity. With the growth of software and devices, marketers can combine this understanding with data and analytics to better reach their target audience and turn them into paying customers.

A major milestone in developing technology was the shift from print media to electronic devices. This has ultimately changed how marketers get their information out. As consumers spend more time on their phones and laptops, new platforms are created. Social media, email blasts, text messaging and push notifications all give way to allow the marketer to connect with the consumer. Being that consumers typically have these devices, they can be targeted 24/7 through these platforms, making them reachable anywhere, at any time.

With the ability for customers to always be within reach, distance is no longer an issue. The mom-and-pop store that was once only able to advertise to the local community can now reach the whole state. Their marketing budget can now be used to create internet ads that allow them to test the market in different areas, collecting data and information on the types of consumers that would be interested in their product or service.

Digital Marketing

When faced with the ability to reach a wide audience, one might think it is best to reach anyone and everyone to get that small percentage of people that will follow through. However, if you are a marketer looking for return on investment, you’ll find that promoting products and services to the right group of people will serve better results. Finding that group of people has been made possible through data tracking and analysis. Marketers can understand where they are losing customers in the sales funnel, they can track consumer interests through clicks, and they can utilize remarketing techniques to turn that one-time purchaser into a repeat customer.

The rise of technology may have opened digital doors for marketers, but it also presents quite a few challenges. In reality, everyone has the ability to use technology to get the word out, but with so many businesses having that opportunity, it can be difficult for marketers to ensure their content is getting noticed. Studies show that one of the top challenges for marketers is generating traffic and leads—in short, is the content engaging enough that people will follow through with purchases? Marketers need to hone in on the types of content that their audience wants to see. Whether it is video, images, blog posts or newsletters, it’s all about understanding what the audience wants and needs.

With growth in technology comes growth in information. Technology allows marketers to be more personal and creative when engaging customers, while also providing an opportunity to understand how to connect with and learn behaviors of consumers. The technological landscape is ever changing; thus, marketing will do the same.

MaKenna Wood, Proximo Marketing StrategiesMaKenna Wood is the social media strategist for Proximo Marketing Strategies.

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