Vessel Craft Coffee Opens Roastery in Selden Market

by CoVaBizMag

Vessel Craft Coffee announced the launch of its roasting operation at Downtown Norfolk’s Selden Market where Vessel Craft Coffee operates a coffee bar and retail storefront.

“Bringing roasting in-house gives us a greater ability to control the roasting profiles, as well as offer unique, high quality coffees that are new to the local market and that embody our community impact mission,” said Sarah Cowherd, founder and managing partner of Vessel Craft Coffee. “At Vessel Craft Coffee, we believe it’s good business to care about our community and to be a responsible steward of the world’s resources.”

Vessel Craft Coffee

Vessel Craft Coffee

The first two coffees offered by the new roastery are a red honey process and a washed peaberry sourced from the Long Miles Project in Nkonge Hill, Burundi.

“We decided to launch our roasting initiative from the hills of Burundi, an emerging coffee market where, thanks to the Long Miles Project, farming families are rejuvenating farms lost to civil war,” explained JT Tworek, head roaster. “This initiative best represents our commitment to building direct trade partnerships with coffee growers that support sustainable farming and take care of farming communities.”

The Nkonge Hill roasts are available by the bag and on pour at Vessel Craft Coffee in Selden Market.

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