Deals at DaaBIN

Popular deep discount franchise coming to Newport News

by Kristen De Deyn Kirk

Lace your sneakers and pump your muscles—you’ll need the support and strength when a DaaBIN Store opens in Newport News. The deep discount store is coming to Turnberry Crossing Shopping Center, 12638 Jefferson Avenue.

Started in the Midwest by the Weichers family, Delaney, Amanda, Andy and Beau (the DaaB in DaaBIN), the franchise stores stock liquidated merchandise. They restock on Thursdays and Fridays, never knowing what they’ll get. They open their doors five minutes early on Saturday for customers who have purchased a $50 pass. Items are $7 each. Passholders get first dibs diving into the bins loaded with stuff, some of it still in boxes and plastic wrap. On Sunday, everything is priced at $5; Monday, $3; Tuesday, $1. On Wednesday you can go wild: $10 for an entire, Ikea-sized blue bag.

Asked to not push, the DaaBIN bargain-finding pros must have a sixth sense as to which bins will have the best deals. Some keep what they find; others re-sell the merchandise for double, triple or quadruple—or more—what they paid. The DaaBIN websites boasts that some items retail for $500-plus. With practice and Facebook Marketplace, an eagle-eyed shopper’s bank account can soar with resale profits.

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