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By Beth Hester


Serendipity Meadworks

At Serendipity Meadworks in Smithfield, you too can experience the historic honey-based, fermented beverage preferred by discriminating denizens of the Middle Ages and Middle Earth. Made the traditional way, the beverage is surprisingly clean, light and dry to medium-dry. It’s a bit like sake in terms of mouthfeel, with subtle notes of fruit, wood and specific plant nectars. Serendipity’s team regularly produces six mead varieties, and a special, seasonal holiday metheglin, a word of Welsh derivation meaning a mead made with herbs or spices. The meadery currently sports a small tasting room stocked with an array of bee-themed gifts and “walk and sip” trails on the charming farm property where you can watch bees at work. Plans are in place to expand the tasting room and add additional events to their calendar.

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Werther Leather Goods

From the handcrafted, heirloom quality belts, bags, wallets and accessories, to the thoughtful gift boxes and packaging, no detail is too small for Werther Leather Goods owner Derek Shaw. Everything is done with intention. His Selden Market shop in Norfolk is both workroom and showroom, and everything about the space conveys a warm vintage feel. Customers can watch as Werther’s signature wallets are cut and sewn, have a custom belt made on the spot, pick up a leather bracelet or

keychain, and learn how their recent line of canvas and leather “tool bags” are constructed. The design of these classic weekender bags, backpacks and purses was inspired by an old brick mason’s tool bag Derek discovered in his parent’s shed. His hand-stitched accessories are popular groomsmen gifts and can be easily customized. Every item is made to last, look and feel great, and to gain character as time passes.

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S’mores Amore

Duane and Kristine Dinio want you to get fired up over s’mores. Duane is the chef/owner of S’mores Amore at Selden Market in Norfolk. His passion for creating unique treats inspired him to reinvent a sweet staple of childhood campfire memories. His wife Kristine is the company’s brand ambassador, and together they delight customers by offering a range of multi-layered, modern takes on the s’more. Each ridiculously delicious square is topped off by a tier of homemade marshmallow goodness. Watch as Duane grabs a butane torch, toasting the fluffy topping. Purists love the classic chocolate, graham cracker and vanilla marshmallow version, but premium flavors of peanut butter, strawberry and Oreo have gained a loyal following. Duane’s purple ‘Ooh Bae Baybee!’ flavor is a nod to the culinary heritage of the Philippines. S’mores Amore is also a destination for handcrafted ice cream and cookie dough bites.

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