Rudee Tours Offshore Wind Tour Giveaway

by CoVaBizMag

Photo Courtesy of Dominion Energy

Enter For A Chance to Win 2 Tickets for the Offshore Wind Tour

It's official: Offshore wind power is in Virginia Beach and Rudee Tours is offering a free pair of tickets to go out and see them live and in-person. Dominion Energy's massive wind turbines stand at 620 feet tall above water, extend an additional 80 feet to the ocean floor and another 121 feet beneath the ocean floor, making them even taller than the Washington Monument. Each individual turbine produces six megawatts (MW) of power, which together is enough to power 3,000 homes.

Not only high and mighty, this wind farm also is the largest offshore wind project in the United States, the first wind farm in federal waters and the only wind farm owned and operated by a United States utility.

Complete the form below for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Offshore Wind Tour provided by Rudee Tours on November 13, 2021.


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