The Watercooler Aug/Sept 2016

by CoVaBizMag

Higher Education

Port Of Virginia Teams Up With TCC For Customized Training Program
The Port of Virginia is training a new generation of employees and seeing an immediate return on their investment. The port transfers millions of dollars in equipment daily. With an aging workforce and a lack of drivers with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), they were hiring third-party drivers regularly, an expensive and time-consuming process. The port teamed up with TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions, which has offered a CDL program for years. To make the training specific to the port and help meet employers’ needs, Workforce Solutions customized CDL training on-site at Norfolk International Terminals. The course began in February, both in the classroom and behind the wheel. The port required their employees to have their Class A licenses, which enables them to drive most vehicles. Since the program’s initiation, the Port of Virginia has saved a substantial amount of time and money, enabling them to have employees ready and able to transport materials when needed in lieu of hiring a third party. Learn more about the new training program at

Small Business Of The Year

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy Named Hampton Roads Small Business of the Year
The Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy was named Hampton Roads 2016 Small Business of the Year at the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Awards on May 24. The academy also received a $10,000 Chamber sponsorship package and entry into the Regional Small Business of the Year competition by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Since 2007, the Norfolk-based academy has been a vocational training center for students interested in the maritime profession or to advance their careers. Some of the courses offered include cargo handling and stowage movement, electronic navigation and basic firefighting. The academy trains 50–100 students at a time with about 2,500 trained each year. Learn more about the academy by visiting

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