Suffolk-based SymptomVue Showcases the Future of a Healthy Workforce

by CoVaBizMag

SymptomVue started from the idea that sister company Layer 9, an information and technology company, wanted their clients to be able to safely return to work without risking the health of their workforce. SymptomVue was created to proactively screen and monitor employee health, giving businesses a healthy, uninterrupted and safe workplace.

Germs spread so rapidly that it's hard to find a way to proactively stop them from bringing down an entire workforce. It's even more difficult to standardize symptom monitoring and illness prevention across a business and its location(s), leaving business owners and their employees overwhelmed and unsure.

SymptomVue is a software-based company helping businesses standardize symptom/health monitoring and illness prevention. Through the turnkey software solution, businesses can actively and automatically monitor and manage employee and visitor symptoms, temperatures and overall health using the easy-to-navigate dashboards and hands-free devices.

With the integrated tools, SymptomVue helps businesses better plan for employee absences due to sick leave by giving them the resources to provide an even safer working environment.

"COVID-19 has and will continue to have long-term implications for us," Troy McCollum, founder and owner of SymptomVue, said in a press release. "The issue is that it doesn't end at COVID. COVID-19 forced businesses to recognize  that we need to be more proactive in protecting our employees and their health."

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