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SunnySnacks Organics

(Photo above courtesy of SunnySnacks Organics)
Virginia Beach
As a new parent, Liz McNulty was having difficulty finding tasty, wholesome, organic snack foods that her family would enjoy, so she sprang into action. Starting with a cereal recipe that doubled as a portable snack, her first products were taste-tested on family, friends and playgroup members. The positive response was so overwhelming that McNulty launched SunnySnacks Organics. The company’s line of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan nibbles make for flavorful, guilt-free snacking. The Pizza Hummus is a fan favorite. It’s fabulous with crackers, on crisp bread, deployed as a variation on the bruschetta theme or as a vegetable dip. The flagship Sunny Sunrise Cereal is an addictive blend of whole-grain oats, almond flour, coconut and spice, and the all-important crunch factor is a 10 out of 10. The Grainless Granola is perfect alone or in a yogurt parfait, and the plant-based AB&J BubbyBalls are a bite-sized take on the traditional PB&J. Products are available at local farm markets, via private porch pickup or shipping. Reloadable gift cards make sharing the SunnySnacks experience a snap.

courtesy of Latell & Ailsworth SAilmakers

courtesy of Latell & Ailsworth SAilmakers

Latell & Ailsworth Sailmakers

A member of the Evolution Sails Group

For almost 30 years, this independently owned, full-service sail loft located on the eastern tip of Middlesex County has been proudly serving sailors of all persuasions and vessels of all sizes. Their highly skilled sailmakers and specialists build and repair headsails, mainsails, custom racing sails, traditional rigs, biminis and everything in between. Founder, Owner and Lead Sail Designer Jerry Latell and Co-owner Justin Ailsworth are avid sailors with a passion for keeping the sailing community out on the water and supporting those new to the sport. Latell & Ailsworth’s sail building and repair expertise help maintain the Jamestown Settlement’s ship re-creations the Susan Constant and the Godspeed, and the company supports both the Schooner Virginia and the Sail Nauticus Academy’s fleet of Harbor 20 sailboats. Whether you sail a catamaran, a sleek racing vessel or a humble dinghy, Latell & Ailsworth has you covered. Live in Coastal Virginia and need your sails washed or repaired? Have a question about a new sail? Just drop by the company’s Hampton Sails location and representative Stephanie Sweeney will take care of the rest.

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