Community Impact Awards: Kinship Vacations

by CoVaBizMag

By Melissa M. Stewart

3633 Nelms Lane, Williamsburg. 307-200-7208.

Founded: 2016
Number of Employees: No full-time employees, but they work with several independent contractors—all women, including seven military spouses and four veterans from all service branches.

What They Do: A travel design firm made up of a network of military spouses and veterans that help people plan unique travel experiences.

How They Help: Kinship strives to assist military spouses and veterans in a meaningful way by offering fulfilling, portable and potentially lucrative travel career opportunities that can fully utilize their education, skills and knowledge of travel.

They pledge 10 percent of their profits to the Fisher House Foundation to help military families stay together in their greatest time of need and have just launched a program for military spouses and veterans who want to start their own home-based travel agency. They also provide free content designed for military spouses and veterans that want to start a career in travel via their Virtual Travel Career Summit for military spouses and veterans on Facebook and have recently launched a Travel Advisor Training and Mentorship Program for military spouses and veterans.

Kinship VacationsPhoto by Samantha with Flytographer in NYC, N.Y.

To our company, community impact looks like: dozens of military spouses and veterans that have suddenly found meaningful and profitable business models that can support their families' dreams and goals. Community impact looks like these same families being able to maintain a steady or progressively increasing income because the military spouse is able to maintain a 'job' that provides income no matter where they move. Community impact looks like our charitable partner, Fisher House Foundation, receiving hundreds of thousands of donations from our profits to help them maintain their operations, which serve military families in their greatest time of need. We have big dreams here at Kinship Vacations, and we know we can make them happen.

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