What Suits You: Choosing a Basic Business Ensemble

by Ryan Miller

By Ryan Miller

Whether you’re going in for an interview or meeting with new clients, the very first impression you’ll make is with your suit. Choosing the right suit can say a lot about who you are and how much you care about presentation and professionalism. It’s also an investment into your future. When you choose the right suit, you’re setting the tone for how you will regularly present yourself in your career and during important business situations.

Shopping for a great suit can be tricky, and you may have some initial questions. How many buttons? What kind of fabric should I look for? Can I pull off a pinstripe? What about shoes to match?

Luckily, Raymond Peele from Dan Ryan’s For Men has the answers. He shares with us some quick tips to remember when picking out a stylish and versatile business suit.

Choose solid colors.
Look for practical colors such as charcoal, navy blue, or grey. You’ll be wearing this suit with various hues of shirts, and these suit shades are more versatile. These colors also prove to be more approachable. Avoid pinstriped suits that you wouldn’t necessarily wear every day since the stripes would clash with other patterns.

Wool is best.
Selecting a wool suit will prepare you for four seasons of suit wearing, providing warmth in winter and breathability in summer, as well. Wool is also easy to care for as it doesn’t wrinkle.

Opt for a two-buttoned suit.
Two buttons add flexibility for movement and more space if you have a larger torso. It’s also a simple, uncluttered look as opposed to suits with three or even four buttons. Button the top button, but always leave the bottom button unfastened.

Pair with brown or black shoes.
The same rule applies for your shoes as it does with your suit. Solid colors, such as brown and black, are more versatile and pair with more options of clothing. Black shoes will give the most options for wearing with a solid, dark suit, while brown shoes pair nicely with blue suits.

For a great selection and expert advice in suit shopping, visit Dan Ryan’s For Men at Hilltop North Shopping Center, 1612 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach. Call 757-425-0660, or visit their website for store hours and more info.

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