West Elm Workspace Norfolk Reimagines the Modern Office

by Ryan Miller

The West Elm Workspace with Inscape showroom unveiled four new office collections during the grand opening of their local space in Norfolk earlier this month. Their newest collections offer a sleek twist on traditional office spaces, focusing specifically on Contemporary, Industrial, Mid-Century and Modern styles. With more than 140 textile options, 75 product lines and an array of lighting and handcrafted flooring options, the PC&A Business Environments based showroom flaunts West Elm’s residential style and dedication to designing workplaces for people.

Donna Counts, Principal of PC&A (left), Jim Stelter, President of West Elm Workspace with Inscape (middle), Susan Pilato, Principal of PC&A (right)

PC&A founder and President Susan Pilato stated, “We are so lucky to be able to lead this new movement in office furnishings, and the city of Norfolk is lucky to be in the ring with markets like Chicago and Tampa. Actually this is a highly creative and thriving small business market and it seeks innovative products for a new kind of workspace.” 

PC&A Showroom with WEWWI Lucas Chairs and Industrial Bench

Inscape Acme 50 Glass Wall System and furniture from the Industrial and Modern Office Collections

Through its strategic, collaborative and tactical design approaches, PC&A is a revolutionary company that focuses entirely on designing innovative and extraordinary business environments. PC&A is also one of the leading business environment companies in Virginia. Many of PC&A’s clients are based in the financial, government, healthcare and hospitality fields. Some of their most notable customers are Sentara, Commonwealth Assisted Living, TowneBank and Good Run Research.

With the help of office solutions company, Inscape, and local design firms in their headquarters of Brooklyn, N.Y., West Elm successfully launched West Elm Workspace in strategic markets. West Elm Workspace strives to create unique, budget friendly designs for all modern offices.

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