Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?

by Ryan Miller

By Jamie McAllister

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Title: Wait, How Do I Promote My Business? 100+ Attention-Grabbing Templates for Websites, LinkedIn, Press Releases, Crowdfunding & More
Author: Danny Rubin
Publisher: News to Live By
Price: $16.99

CoVa Biz Book Review, Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?

Coastal Virginia author Danny Rubin wastes no time getting to what readers need to know in his newest book, Wait, How Do I Promote My Business? 100+ Attention-Grabbing Templates for Websites, LinkedIn, Press Releases, Crowdfunding & More. Loaded with ready-to-use templates and advice, Rubin offers practical promotion tips using everything from business e-mails to fundraising appeals.

A follow-up to his first book, Wait, How Do I Write this E-mail?, Rubin does more than tell readers how to communicate better; he provides real-world examples. Before and after samples of e-mails that have been edited help readers see the power of promotion through concise, powerful messages while also learning how to apply those new writing skills to their own business dealings.

The book isn’t just for recent graduates or emerging professionals. Seasoned business professionals will also find a wealth of knowledge among the pages. From keeping up with changing technology, such as social media and crowdfunding, to honing a fundraising pitch, Rubin leaves no stone unturned in his quest to help business professionals promote themselves through the written word.

In addition to schooling readers on how to write better, Rubin also lifts the veil to provide an in-depth look at media. Based on his years in the news industry, Rubin explains just what goes on in the newsroom, exactly who businesses should contact to pitch a story and how they can craft a unique story angle that will appeal to both print and TV journalists.

In order to promote, professionals have to be confident. Rubin gives readers the confidence they need to control their messaging and to proactively pursue promotional opportunities in an organized, relatable manner.

Even though the book is full of templates, they are not cookie-cutter solutions. Rubin advises readers to put their own stamp on the templates by adding specific details and comments. He provides the framework, but readers are free to choose the accessories.

We all communicate, but we don’t often realize that every bit of communication puts us one step further on our journey. By paying attention to every touchpoint along the way, Rubin instructs readers to use small actions to make a big impact.

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