Virginia Wesleyan and Westminster Canterbury Partner For Lifelong Learning

by Ryan Miller

Virginia Wesleyan University and Westminster Canterbury are partnering together to create a lifelong learning opportunity for successful aging with the Westminster/Wesleyan Lifelong Learning Institute in Virginia Beach.

The two organizations are coming together to create an engagement opportunity for successful aging, offering courses at the Westminster-Canterbury campus through a joint Lifelong Learning Institute.

“This partnership is a natural fit and truly a win-win,” said Virginia Wesleyan University President Scott D. Miller. “It allows Westminster-Canterbury members to stay challenged and energized as they continue their path of education and growth, and it gives Virginia Wesleyan opportunities to share the talents and leadership of our faculty.”

About 50 percent of the courses offered will be on faith related subjects, which began the week of Sept. 25, which is also Active Aging Week.

“Exercising not only our bodies but our minds as we age is so important,” said Ben Unkle, President and CEO of Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay. “Doing things that are unfamiliar and mentally challenging keeps our minds sharp. Study after study says staying engaged is the key to successful aging.”

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