Virginia Beach Economic Development & 1701 Launch Virtual Small Business Program for Summer 2020

by CoVaBizMag

Virginia Beach Economic Development (VBED) and 1701 have renewed their partnership to kick off the second year of their Entrepreneur-in-Residence program in Virginia Beach. Now, more than ever, small start-up businesses need support to navigate their first few months and years. 1701 and VBED will be kicking off the program virtually, for now, but are looking forward to a time when in-person meetings are safe again.

“The collaboration with 1701 is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to come to Virginia Beach and prepare them with the knowledge and resources to grow in a supportive and enriching environment,” said VBED director Taylor Adams. “The location in the ViBe Creative District provides a synergistic setting for creativity and technology.”

Applications are open now, and entrepreneurs will be accepted on a rolling three-month basis. Accepted applicants earn three months of fully sponsored workspace.

“We are so grateful for our ability to make this program virtual, as we are aiming to stimulate even more growth and stability in the ViBe Creative District and all of Virginia Beach through this downturn,” said 1701 co-founder Lisa DeNoia.

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