The Face of Tax & Accounting Services

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Tax Services

Pictured: Lisa McCain, EA and Misty Leinberger, CPA

It’s time for the dreaded appointment with the tax preparer. Sitting with a stranger who asks you hundreds of questions, inputting your answers into their computer, all to hear your refund amount (minus the exorbitant fee they charge). Sound familiar? Then you haven’t met the tax preparers at Pixel Financial Group: Misty Leinberger, CPA, and Lisa McCain, EA. As a CPA, Misty knows exactly how to help the filing process move smoothly and how to make it FUN. Her fiery personality will have you laughing until you cry and loving the process. Lisa has been an Enrolled Agent for over 9 years and knows just how to comfort those taxpayers who fear the unknown. Doing taxes can be scary if you don’t know what to do, but Lisa is there to shoulder the stress and provide that calming, knowing hand that we all need.

Accounting Services

Pictured: Andrew Spencer, Misty Leinberger, CPA and Nichole Payne, CMA

Assets, liabilities, dividends, inventory, depreciation… are your eyes glazing over yet? Accounting isn’t exactly the most thrilling topic, until you meet Misty Leinberger, CPA and Nichole Payne, CMA. These badass accounting ninjas have an origin story ripped from the pages of an epic: lost and alone on their own quests to right the wrongs of the accounting industry, Nichole and Misty collided by fate (and social media). The power of their joining forces birthed a star: Pixel Financial Group! Along with their Quickbooks magician, Andrew Spencer, and a team of jugglers, wizards, and a talking animal or two, they work hard to make accounting and bookkeeping more than numbers and dry terminology. Their combined passion for efficiency, value, and knowledge makes them the best at what they do – helping small businesses flourish.


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