SOLitude Professionals Receive 45th “Seeing Is Believing” Award

by Ryan Miller

Multiple aquatics industry professionals from SOLitude Lake Management, an industry leader in lake, pond and wetland management, fisheries management and related environmental services for the United States, were recently awarded for their accomplishments in the sustainable management of public and private aquatic resources. SePRO Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of high quality, environmentally responsible solutions for aquatic plant management announced the news during their annual conference in August.

Seeing Is Believing Award, SOLitude Lake Management

Five SOLitude team members received SePRO’s “Seeing Is Believing” award, which recognizes the highest standard of excellence in water quality treatment for lakes, ponds, stormwater basins or other waterbodies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of SePRO products. Award submissions consisted of a case study documenting a technical program for nuisance aquatic weed and algae control, a detailed treatment summary for the waterbody, project results, before and after photos and client satisfaction reports.

The standout projects and SePRO award winners for 2017 are as follows:

Shannon Junior, SOLitude Lake Management, Charlottesville, Va

Shannon Junior, Aquatic Ecologist & Senior Business Development Consultant
Madison, Va

Junior was recognized for her rapid, thorough and environmentally-friendly treatment of an invasive hydrilla bloom in a 2.05-acre pond belonging to a high-profile inn, conference center and luxury spa in Charlottesville, Va.

David Reidl, SOLitude Lake Management, Fredericksburg, Va

David Riedl, Environmental Scientist & Territory Leader
Fredericksburg, Va

Riedl was awarded for his sustainable management of a dense filamentous algae bloom in a 0.2-acre pond belonging to a homeowners association in Northern Virginia. David successfully eliminated the nuisance bloom and designed a customized preventative maintenance plan for the community to limit further algae growth.

Trent Nelson, SOLitude Lake Management, High Point, NC

Trent Nelson, Aquatic Specialist
High Point, N.C.

Nelson received an award for the treatment of an invasive duckweed infestation on a 12-acre private pond in Clemmons, N.C. The treatment was performed as part of an Annual Maintenance Plan that considered cost and long-term eradication of the plant.

Derek Johnson, Williamsburg, Va

Derek Johnson, Certified Lake Manager
Williamsburg, Va

Johnson was recognized for his restoration of a 0.26-acre stormwater pond on a prominent church property in Hampton, Va. The pond, which was plagued with more than 80 percent coverage of filamentous algae, was cleared under Derek’s supervision in under three weeks.

Dan Hunt, SOLitude Lake Management, Fort Myers, Fla

Dan Hunt, Territory Leader
Fort Myers, Fla.

Hunt was awarded for his timely treatment of a private lake covered in Slender Spike Rush and Bladderwort in Tampa, FL. Despite a challenging water flow and uneven problem areas, Dan successfully limited the impact of the nuisance plants and restored the waterbody to its original beauty.

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