Preserve Communities Establishes Nature Preserve

by CoVaBizMag

Preserve Communities has designated 350 acres from inside the Bay Creek community in Cape Charles to serve as a permanent Nature Preserve. Honoring Bay Creek’s authentic coastal living, the land set aside in the Nature Preserve will be dedicated toward exploration and preservation and remain protected against future development.

The Nature Preserve will encompass peaceful woodlands traversed by clear running creeks and tranquil ponds naturally populated by hundreds of species of wildlife. Natural coves along the shoreline will provide residents access to outdoor health and wellness activities such as morning yoga and sunset gatherings. The Nature Preserve’s BaseCamp will host multi-generational activities including camping, fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding on Old Plantation Creek, as well as serve as a community garden. Bay Creek is developing a partnership with Avid Trails to design and implement walking and biking trails throughout designated preserve areas.

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