North End Bag Company and Evofit, LLC Awarded ViBe Grants

by CoVaBizMag

Virginia Beach Economic Development, in collaboration with the Office of Cultural Affairs and ViBe Creative District, announced that North End Bag Company and Evofit, LLC have been approved for the ViBe Creative District Matching Grant Program. The grants are designed to provide financial support to small and locally owned and operated businesses located within the ViBe Creative District. The program offers financial incentives through the form of matching grants to new and existing property owners or businesses that plan to make capital investments within the district. The first two matching grants were awarded to Commune Bakery LLC and 1701 LLC.

North End Bag Company produces handcrafted canvas and leather bags. The grant funding will be used to expand from 400 square feet to additional 900 square feet. The expansion cost of $16,530 will include interior and exterior building improvements, and will receive a grant in the amount of $8,265.

Evofit, LLC is gym that provides programs that combine multiple elements of strength and conditioning, while trainers work with clients to track and increase progress and develop healthy nutritional habits. The business will make an investment of $3,850 in building improvements and will receive a grant in the amount of $1,925.

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