Millennials on the Move: Dr. Tyler Carmack

by Ryan Miller

Dr. Tyler Carmack
36, Medical Director/Practice Owner at Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

How do you see your generation (millennials)? How do you think older generations define millennials?

Millennials are the generation of computers, technology and innovation. Older generations might see their reliance on technology as a shortcut. Sometimes those shortcuts are beneficial, and sometimes an older method might be better suited to a situation.

In what ways does having younger employees add to a company’s success?

Social media and technology-driven marketing are vital to a company’s overall first impression to clients. Younger business owners and employees tend to embrace working with technology and bring innovative ideas and resources to the table.

What have been a few keys to your success so far?

Working with families to provide the best quality care for their pet during the most difficult time requires personalized attention. Providing this attention to each and every one of our patients and their families has been the key to changing the end-of-life experience for those that are able to utilize our service. Once families see how peaceful and special a goodbye can be, they are better equipped to act as a resource for their own friends and families faced with similar difficult decisions.

What kinds of digital platforms do you feel you have benefited from in your career?

Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice provides “bedside” care to our patients and their families. In order to do this, we rely heavily on mobile technology in everything we do. From cloud-based medical recordkeeping to constant communication between our team members, we rely on a variety of digital platforms.

Dr. Tyler Carmack, Medical Director/Practice Owner, Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

What do you feel are some of the biggest perks of living in Coastal Virginia? What changes do you think the region should implement to continue to be a draw for millennials?

Coastal Virginia has so much to offer. I love living near the water and enjoy the variety of events and opportunities this area has. I am also constantly impressed by the extent of the animal community in Coastal Virginia.

How are you contributing to life/community outside of the workplace?

I have been organizing the Hampton Roads Pet Loss Support Group since January 2012. We meet monthly with a professional counselor and offer a supportive community for those grieving after the loss of a pet. I also volunteer with the Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach, working to better the lives of women and children in Hampton Roads.

What advice would you offer to other millennials or recent graduates about getting their careers to take off?

I’d encourage them to keep learning, ask questions, and seek out advice from mentors in their fields.

From her nomination:

“I believe Dr. Carmack deserves recognition for the tireless work she puts in to assist families in the community. She has quickly become one of the leaders in the veterinary hospice movement, and the Hampton Roads community is lucky to have her following her passion here.”
—Ami Krasner, colleague

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