Mariners’ Museum Awarded Education Grant for Pollinator Garden

by CoVaBizMag

The Mariners’ Museum and Park is staying true to its mission of connecting people to the world’s water by building a pollinator garden as a part of a community partnership program between the Museum and The Nature Conservancy, which focuses on forest ecosystem education.

Mariners' Museum

pollinator garden

Mariners' Museum

Beginning in October, the Virginia Department of Education is piloting a third-grade outdoor science program called Nature Explorers. In the program, students rotate through outdoor stations to learn about ecosystems and how to be sensory learners in the world. This program is part of a grant given to The Mariners’ Museum’s education department by The Nature Conservancy.

The Museum is seeking ways to help conserve and protect wildlife, trees and plants as a result of the decline of pollinators, specifically bees and butterflies, and has planted specific nectar and pollen-producing plants to attract pollinating insects to promote their revival. Many native plants have been added by students, and the garden serves as one of three outdoor education stations to make observations and conduct discussions about pollinators and their importance in the local and surrounding communities. The garden will be maintained by the Museum and the Peninsula Master Naturalists.

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