Let’s Vidya: Connecting Across Continents 

by CoVaBizMag

New Virginia Beach-based company's virtual platform offers fun experiences in uncertain times

By Barrett Baker

Even with COVID restrictions starting to ease, the demand for virtual experiences is likely here to stay. A new company called LetsVidya hopes to make those experiences fun and memorable. 

In the spring of 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 shutdown, three friends on two continents were trying to figure out how to ease the suffering of people being stuck at home with nowhere to go and little to do. No trivia at the local pub, no paint nights, no cooking classes. The world had become virtually experience-free. 

James Warren, John Vernon and Jeremy Pianalto decided to change that. They created a virtual place where people could enjoy experiences with others while still being socially distant and protected from the virus. They named their Virginia Beach-based creation LetsVidya and established a new way to help people connect with each other, no matter where they were located. 

“We do private and public events,” says Warren, CEO of LetsVidya. “We work with colleges, organizations, families…anyone who wants to connect relationally in a fun way. And we run the gambit of events—from cooking classes to Dungeons & Dragons, cocktail classes to paint night and mixology events. Ninety percent of what we do is customized to the organization or group and what they want. So, they’re getting a very unique and personalized experience, no matter what they want.” 

Thinking of matching wits with others to solve a murder mystery or extract yourself from an escape room? How about a wine or beer tasting event? LetsVidya allows you to choose from a catalog of existing experiences and customize them to your specifications. You can also contact LetsVidya and tell them your idea.  

The platform is ideal for friends who want to get together or individuals looking to meet new friends. It’s also a way for companies to provide additional incentives for their employees and keep people within the organization connected. Users can put their imagination to work and have an entertaining and engaging experience from the comfort of their own home. Professional hosts help make the events run smoothly and ensure participants are getting the most of their experience.  

While the pandemic is hopefully waning, the need for effective ways to connect—whether in your own neighborhood or halfway across the globe—remains. LetsVidya allows users todo just that, often with people in other cities or states they may not otherwise get to see or interact with.virtual cheers to that.

Learn more at LetsVidya.com.

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