Learn How to Get Your Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

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Did you know that Virginia doctors can recommend medical marijuana for any condition they feel will benefit the patient, including anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma and PTSD? Read on to learn more!

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Who Qualifies for a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia?
Many Virginia residents have asked us, “How do I qualify for a Virginia Marijuana Card?” The process is actually pretty straightforward and can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

First, patients must be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition that will benefit from medical cannabis treatments. In Virginia, certified doctors can recommend patients for most chronic medical conditions that meet that criteria.


Next, qualifying patients must receive a written certification from a certified physician and provide proof of their Virginia residency. In order to do so, patients must schedule a consultation to determine what their medical marijuana treatment options would be.

Once a doctor has approved a patient for medical marijuana treatment, he/she will then register the patient with the state’s medical marijuana program, after which a Virginia medical marijuana card will be issued. The patient may then legally visit any dispensary in the state to purchase marijuana medication.

How Do I Find a Certified Doctor?
At Virginia Marijuana Card, all appointments are conducted through a safe, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. Patients can connect right from a smartphone, tablet or computer for a secure 20-30 minute video consultation with one of our doctors. Patients will have the opportunity to ask questions about marijuana use for their specific condition.

Why Medical Marijuana?
While more states are pushing toward legalization of cannabis on a recreational level, there are several benefits to obtaining a medical marijuana card and using it under the supervision of a doctor.


For one, a certified physician can recommend strains, products and dosages to fit patients’ specific needs. Not all strains are the same and a doctor will be able to help find the best treatment plan for certain symptoms and conditions.

Secondly, sales tax on marijuana products is standard in recreational states. Local jurisdiction taxes depend on the city or county, while some cities may also add a local tax to transactions in addition to the state excise tax.

In recreational states, the most common form of tax is an excise tax which is usually a certain percentage of the retail price. With a Virginia medical marijuana card, patients can often save money on these taxes.

Lastly, there are several therapeutic benefits of cannabis. More research is conducted each year on just how effective it can be to treat several conditions in a safe, natural manner.

About Virginia Marijuana Card
Virginia Marijuana Card
and its affiliate companies have helped thousands of patients obtain their medical marijuana card nationwide. Their locations include clinics in Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

In addition to safe, easy telemedicine appointments, Virginia Marijuana Card is unmatched in offering additional patient resources such as: same day approvals, a price match guarantee and discounts for veterans and military personnel.

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