Hampton Roads PDC Initiates Flood Awareness Campaign

by CoVaBizMag

Due to the high volume of storms and hurricanes that trampled the East Coast last season, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission has partnered with local planners and emergency managers to create a regional public awareness campaign. The digital campaign, GetFloodFluent.org, aims to educate the Southside and Peninsula on the dangers and realities of flooding.

According to local experts, Coastal Virginia is experiencing the highest rate of sea level rise on the East Coast, sinking 1 to 2 inches every two decades. GetFloodFluent.org provides residents access to statics on local flooding, the financial impact of floods, video testimonials and an interactive challenge that tests your flood fluency.

One of the key points the commission hopes to make about flooding is the need for insurance. GetFloodFluent.org not only stresses the importance of flood insurance for homeowners, but for renters and business owners as well. “The damage of just 1 inch of water in your home can cost more than $25,000 in repairs,” stresses Senior Regional Manager of the HRPDC, Ben McFarlane. “You could hope you’re never impacted by flooding. Or, you can protect yourself from devastating loss by signing up for flood insurance.”

To learn more about flooding, means of obtaining insurance and more, visit GetFloodFluent.org.

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