Driving Success With Mobile Businesses

by Ryan Miller

Any entrepreneur knows that starting a new business is trying. There’s the stress of waiting for customers to find you, the worry of finding the perfect location, the expense of setting up a brick-and-mortar site. These three entrepreneurs are leaving some of these hassles behind them by starting mobile ventures. Their businesses may not have a permanent address, and they do have to factor in other costs like vehicle maintenance, but with a drive to succeed and full tank of gas, these business owners are making deals on wheels.

4th Generation Luxury Mobile Barber Shop

While Owner Donna Smith is continuing the family tradition of haircutting, she’s changing things up by bringing her services right to your doorstep. 4th Generation Luxury Mobile Barber Shop offers affordable rates at the convenience of its clientele’s location.

Dove & Daisy Spa

Transforming an old RV into a fully operational luxury travel spa, Dove & Daisy is great for young girls getting ready for prom and other school dances or the perfect bridal suite for weddings. Owner Patrice Jocson has found that the mobile business has helped young girls develop their self-esteem while also giving them a fun and memorable experience.

A Glawmorous Pet Pawlor

Owner and Groomer Donna Hall-McPherson has eased the worries of anxious pet-owners leaving their loved animal at a groomer all day through A Glawmorous Pet Pawlor. With two trucks, she parks outside of her client’s home or business, providing personalized service based on each animal’s individual needs.

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