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Rob Nash Golf Company

Corey Bailey of Chesapeake started Rob Nash Golf in 2020. He envisioned a line of high-performance apparel and accessories that would promote diversity and inclusivity on and off the links. The inspiration for the company originated from his own passion for golf and from his two boys, who have enthusiastically taken up the game. Golf is one of the oldest sports still being played around the world, yet for too long there were barriers to entry based upon a person’s race, gender or economic status. Rob Nash offers comfortable, classic golf wear with an updated, urban feel. The company’s Legends line will honor the game’s pioneers, icons like Ted Rhodes, Charlie Sifford, Ann Gregory, Althea Gibson and Lee Elder. Their ambition, willpower, persistence and courage broke barriers and paved the way for equitable access to the game they loved. The team at Rob Nash Golf encourages you to help grow the game and share your love of golf with others, always remembering those legends who led the way forward.

Charlotte Potter Designs

Photo by Kelsie McNair

Charlotte Potter Kasic is a locally based conceptual artist who gravitates toward glass as both material and inspiration. She is Executive Director of the Barry Art Museum at ODU and the designer behind a deceptively simple range of delectable earrings and pendants. Trained as a glassblower, she waited tables and taught fused glass art classes at the Jackson Hole Art Association in Wyoming to earn money for grad school. She began to integrate the beautiful, leftover scraps from student projects into jewelry creations. Soon, her fused glass earrings and pendants were earning her more money than her tips. In 2006, she founded Charlotte Potter Designs, and the business continues to thrive. Kasic’s square and rectangular earrings possess a clean aesthetic, crisp lines and vibrant color. Clear and neutral colors are also available. Each pair is unique, individually selected to form a perfect union and designed to complement each wearer.
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Horseshoe Point Honey

Located in northeast Suffolk, Jan and Sean Kenny aren’t just harvesting 100% pure, raw honey; they’re building better bees. Motivated by dramatic losses in the U.S. honeybee population and in support of a more sustainable apiculture, they’re developing heritage queen bees that are excellent honey producers, genetically superior, gentle, locally acclimated and resistant to disease and pests. The Kennys also offer free honeybee swarm removal. But their main product is a range of all-natural honey with distinct flavors of seasonal, bee-preferred nectars: Wildflowers, Tulip Poplar, native American Holly, Black Locust, Privet, Cotton and Sourwood. The Kennys also offer bee pollen and beeswax candles. The honey is sold in 18 regional locations and a list of current vendors is available on their website. Lovely, miniature jars of honey can be purchased and decorated for use as wedding or baby shower favors. Be the first on your block to catch the buzz!



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