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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Created in CoVa

Created In CoVa Aug/Sept 2016

Created In CoVa Aug/Sept 2016

In 1991, Cheryl Hahn founded Tomorrow’s World, a mail order catalog filled with green living products for the home (one of America’s very first eco-friendly stores, in fact). In 2001, the energy shifted to producing bedroom items made only from natural, sustainable materials, and that’s when the brand CozyPure® was born. “Our products offer an alternative to sleeping safely surrounded by nature’s ingredients,” Hahn explains. Consumers looking to reduce exposure to chemicals often choose CozyPure® bedding to create a cleaner, nontoxic home. “Keeping with our environmental mission, we also don’t make products for planned obsolescence, unlike most manufacturers,” Hahn notes. “We design for long-term enjoyment so your bedding will stay in your bedroom, not the landfill.” All items, from their mattresses, mattress pads and blankets to their organic pillows, cotton sheets and collection of baby bedding is crafted inside their Norfolk workshop and shipped directly to consumers all across the country.

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