CoVa BIZ Community Impact Awards 2016–2017

by Kelsey Thomas

Here in Coastal Virginia, we’re lucky to have a number of businesses that serve as the backbone of our community—businesses that offer services or products we couldn’t live without (or at least wouldn’t want to). And better still, many of these local businesses recognize when there’s a need in our community and do their part to give back. Whether through monetary donations, employee volunteering, creative acts of kindness or a combination of all three, these businesses are making tangible impacts in Coastal Virginia. Read the inspiring ways in which they make a difference in the pages ahead.

How were the businesses chosen?
CoVa BIZ held online nominations Aug. 1–30 for businesses to share the philanthropic ways in which they give back. From there, an editorial team determined the top 10 Community Impact winners based on their philanthropic reach and their creative giving initiatives.

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