Coastal Virginia Business Milestones

A look at the history and achievements of some of the local businesses that are currently celebrating major milestone anniversaries

by CoVaBizMag

If starting a business were easy, everyone would do it, as they say. But starting a business doesn’t hold a candle to sustaining one over a long period of time. Whether large or small, to remain successful, all businesses must grow and adapt to their customers’ changing needs and an ever-mercurial socioeconomic landscape.

In the pages of the feature in this issue of CoVa BIZ, we showcase a selection of local businesses, 26 in all, that have stood the test of time—whether it’s five years or 100 years. In the latter category, Old Point National Bank is, in fact, celebrating its centennial, so you’ll find an in-depth story about this well-known community financial institution’s rich history and ties to Coastal Virginia.

The businesses featured here were selected by the staff of CoVa BIZ Magazine based on submissions provided by the companies for consideration. The descriptions of the companies included in this feature were compiled based primarily on those submissions and/or information available via company websites or other digital media presence.

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