Candy Crushing It

by CoVaBizMag

Located in Chesapeake’s South Norfolk district, H.E. Williams has been making classic candy confections for nearly 100 years—and they still use the same equipment that was used in 1919 when they were founded. They make candy year-round, but Christmastime is especially bustling for the factory, when floor space is taken up with cases of Peach Buds, Pineapple Lump, Fancy Mix, Hot Rocks, Mint Puffs, Coconut Tri-Colors and other sweets with whimsical names. They don’t have a salesperson, a fax machine, a website or a social media account, but they’re the longest-surviving candy operation in Virginia—so they must be doing something right.

H.E. Williams Candy Company is located at 1230 Perry St. in Chesapeake. Call 757-545-9311 for more information.

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