Best Places to Work: The Founders Inn and Spa

by CoVaBizMag

By Grace Silipigni

5641 Indian River Road, Virginia Beach | 757-424-5511 |
Founded: 1991
Employees: 225

Guests of The Founders Inn and Spa often marvel at the resort’s lush gardens, tasteful colonial décor and exceptional service. They also crave the mouthwatering eats served at the Swan Terrace and the serene ambiance of the onsite Flowering Almond Spa. Fortunately, Founders Inn leadership takes just as much pride in their guests’ five-star treatment as they do employee satisfaction, holding each employee to the highest industry standards and rewarding them with unparalleled benefits.

Michelle Moore, director of human resources at the Inn, has a longstanding relationship with the resort. She enjoyed nearly five years of employment at the Virginia Beach property before pursuing careers in other areas of interest. The company culture and employee care cultivated at Founders, however, drew Moore back four and a half years ago. “This is the second time I have worked here. I came back because I missed it,” explains Moore. “It’s truly more than just a job. It’s pride in our establishment, loving to serve the public and our repeat clients and taking care of our lovely staff who are on the frontlines of our hotel serving our guests at the front desk, the restaurants, the conferences [and] our spa.”

Founders employees don’t just work in a resort-style environment; they get to experience its luxury offerings as well. To express gratitude for employees’ top-notch performance, Founders leadership offers staff exclusive discounts on handcrafted dishes in both the Swan Terrace and Hunt Room, relaxation services in the Flowering Almond Spa and markdowns on one-of-a-kind resort products.

Moore explains that the Inn’s positive and encouraging culture is maintained by a hiring committee. The committee, says Moore, is responsible for organizing job shadows and screening future candidates for values and ethics that mirror those of The Founders Inn. “The reason why is we want [candidates] to have a realistic preview of the job on the front end, and the committee helps to ensure that those coming on board will fit nicely with our fine staff,” she says. “This results in job satisfaction and a well-oiled machine—our team.”

The director further explains that all employees are connected through their shared mission to serve. “Our culture is formed on the foundational slogan of ‘Elite professionals serving from the heart so everyone feels at home.’ This is as much internal as it is external to our guests. Our employees work as a family,” states Moore. “We appreciate that everyone, no matter what their position, positively impacts our organization and our guests.”

Founders Inn and Spa chef

Founders Inn employees

Founders Inn employees volunteering

Founders Inn employees playing kickball

Founders Inn employee volunteering at SPCA

Work Perks

  • Free life insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement at Regent University
  • Free daily meals
  • Recognition and compensation for Employee of the Month and Manager of the Quarter
  • Discounted resort services including spa treatments, restaurant offerings and Founders Inn products
  • Annual pool and holiday parties
  • Opportunities for advancement

Why I Love My Job

“We value the opinions and ideas that everyone has to share, and we also have an open door policy so each person can be heard.” —Michelle Moore, Director of Human Resources, nearly 10 years at The Founders Inn and Spa

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