Best Places to Work: Klett Consulting Group, Inc.

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By Grace Silipigni

2488 N. Landing Road, Virginia Beach | 757-721-5040 |
Founded: 2002
Employees: Approximately 50

Klett Consulting Group, Inc. is a leading support firm for customers in the federal, state and local government. Its 50-some employees are dedicated to offering an array of consulting services from cybersecurity and systems engineering to enterprise architecture and project and financial management. According to KCG President Mark Klett and Vice President Mike Klett, equally as important as their clients’ treatment and project success is the wellbeing of their Virginia Beach team.

“At KCG, we understand that our company is only as good as the people who work here,” state the Kletts. “We believe in going the extra mile to ensure our employees enjoy their workspace, benefits, tasking and general work environment.”

Ask nearly any KCG employee about the founders, and they will readily sing the Kletts’ praises, recognizing the men for their enthusiasm, empathetic nature and ability to achieve employee satisfaction with ease. Mark and Mike are especially celebrated for their open-door policy, allowing employees direct access to Klett leadership regarding both concerns and compliments pertaining to work life.

“Mark goes out of his way, as does Mike, to acknowledge achievement, hard work and [their] personal appreciation for the hard work and dedication of each member of the KCG team,” says longtime employee Gary Jones. “Mark is a tremendous leader and gifted manager who truly cares about each of his employees, and that is evident in the [company’s] extremely low turnover rate.”

The Kletts explain that a healthy work environment must cater to both the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. The newly installed Wellness Room welcomes relaxation of all kinds including meditation, stretching and strength training. Mark and Mike are also sure to schedule regular check-ins with their employees. “A positive work environment is important because we want our employees to be comfortable and motivated to achieve their goals, as well as the goals that we set for them,” say the Kletts. “By cultivating a healthy work environment, we are able to invest in our employees’ long-term goals, as they invest in the company. KCG employees are the backbone of the company.”

Also widely revered by employees is the KCG Cares program. The firm has matched a substantial amount of time and financial donations to employee-selected organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Virginia Musical Theatre, Chamberlain’s Children’s House and more. Knowing their leaders’ concern extends beyond the office makes KCG employees feel secure and supported and therefore more willing to invest in the company and their coworkers.

Current employee Marguerite Krasnicki says, “Everyone from KCG is excited to work on the team. In fact, every time there is a company social event, everyone shows up because they are excited to be a part of KCG’s team, and everyone I have met is positive and raving about their experience working for KCG.”

Klett Consulting company outing

Klett Consulting Group yoga

Klett Consulting donating

Work Perks:

  • 100 percent medical and dental coverage
  • College tuition assistance
  • Personalized birthday gifts from Mark Klett
  • Free yoga instruction at KCG Corporate Headquarters
  • Subsidized YMCA membership
  • Bereavement leave
  • KCG Wellness Room equipped with meditation space, workout equipment, complimentary water bottles and healthy snacks
  • Donations to charities of employee choosing
  • Annual Christmas bonus 

Why I Love My Job:

“KCG is by far the best place I have worked because I am valued, professionally fulfilled and I work with terrific people that feel the same way. Working for KCG has been such a great experience, and I have made lifelong friendships and business relationships.” —Wendy Cumings, Contracts Manager & Facility Security Officer, over 11 years with Klett Consulting Group, Inc.

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