ADS Inc. Aids Hurricane Victims With Critical Supplies

by Ryan Miller

From a solar-powered modular medical clinic to life preservers, first aid supplies to water purification tablets, Virginia Beach-based defense contractor ADS responded to the nation’s hurricane disasters last fall the best way it knows how: getting the right equipment to the right places at the right time.

“Understanding the most efficient way to get critical gear into hard to reach places as rapidly as possible is really at the heart of what ADS does,” says ADS CEO Jason Wallace. “When disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma strike here at home, we try to apply that capability to aid in response efforts however we can. First responders are in the midst of incredibly challenging response efforts, and if ADS can make their jobs even a little easier, we want to do it.”

ADS Virginia Beach, Houston Harvey, Irma Hurricane Relief

ADS worked with one of its suppliers, World Housing Solutions, to send a solar-powered modular medical shelter to the Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center. The company also teamed up with suppliers like Phokus Research, Drip-Drop and Combat One to send hundreds of pounds of medical and first aid supplies into the areas suffering most—everything from bandages to emergency cardiac care devices to rehydration packets and water purification tablets.

“This is what we do,” says Wallace. “Our business is supplying gear and equipment to support military and first responders all over the world, under even the most difficult circumstances. We are proud that ADS provides a service that may help our fellow Americans recover from these disasters.”

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